About the project

The awe, beauty, grandeur, and mystery of the night sky inspires and piques the curiosity of everyone across the blue marble that is spaceship Earth. The night sky has inspired artists and scientists to explore the Universe from various lenses. Ultimately, astronomy as field of inquiry aims to build a collective understanding of both the fundamental physical mechanisms operating in the Universe, and our place as a species in the vast Cosmos.

This project aims to explore the potential of using astronomy, as a gateway to engage more students with STEM, and highlight the deep connections between STEM and non-STEM disciplines. Engaging more students with STEM is a national priority for Australia not only for pathways into STEM careers but for developing STEM skills for the population, including future leaders and policy makers.

Stage 1

For the first stage of the project we are looking for teachers in grades 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. The first stage involves students in those grades completing a fully online anonymous survey.

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Stage 2

We are looking for interested teachers grades 7-12, to run astronomical colour imaging in their classroom.

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Our Team

The research team is composed of academics, educators and astrophysicists, who bring with them various expertise in both science and education.

Dr. Saeed Salimpour
Dr. Saeed SalimpourResearcher
Prof. Russell Tytler
Prof. Russell TytlerResearcher
Dr. Michael Fitzgerald
Dr. Michael FitzgeraldResearcher
Prof. Urban Eriksson
Prof. Urban ErikssonResearcher

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